To celebrate this date, the Municipality of Lagoa and the Parish Council of Ferragudo, have decided to prepare a set of activities that will take place throughout the year, including upcoming events beginning at the end of the month.

On 31 October and 1 November “Ferragudo 1520-2020: 500 Years A Viver o Mar” takes place as part of the celebrations of the 5th centenary of the creation of Ferragudo. The event is to begin at 9am and will take place at the Centro Pastoral e Social da Diocese do Algarve.

During the activity “the past and the future of Ferragudo” will be discussed via lectures by “researchers who have been working on local history and heritage.” On 31 October a historical research paper written by David Roque will be published under the title “Ferragudo: A local economy in the 17th century.”

On the last day of the celebrations guided tours through Ferragudo will be taking place with the aim to show the participants the heritage of the village. The event targets the general public, particularly “those interested in the local history of Lagoa.”

To participate, those interested must register at:

The activities will be “carried out in compliance with all safety and hygiene standards.”