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Latest in Hidden Gems

A Paradise of Nature in the North

Praia do Castelo de Paiva is not only a place to enjoy nature, but also to learn about history and culture. Located in the north... In Hidden Gems, Portugal, Tourism - 26 Aug 2023, 17:01

Water in the past, History in the present, those are the Portuguese aqueducts

In Hidden Gems, Portugal - 30 Jul 2023, 18:01

Hidden Gems: Fantasy Island

In Hidden Gems - 13 Jun 2023, 15:05


Hidden Gems

Take a walk on the spiritual side…

The Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage attracts thousands of pilgrims from around the world who want to arrive in the Spanish city... In Portugal, Lifestyle, Hidden Gems, Travel - 06 Jun 2023, 11:11

Look down to find beauty in Portugal

When walking through Portuguese streets, it is possible to see beneath your feet, some of... In News, Portugal, Hidden Gems - 23 May 2023, 20:02

Visit the largest tourist caves in Portugal

In Hidden Gems, Central - 05 Mar 2023, 20:01

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Oktoberfest is back to the Algarve

The 10th edition of the event started on September 21 and will continue until October 8,... In Algarve, Events

Portugal Leading the Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Europe

In News, Portugal

The Strategic Importance of Lithium and Rare Earth Elements in the Energy Transition

In Opinion

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The beauty of the Lisbon Metro

The Lisbon metropolitan service began to be conceived in the 19th century, in 1888,... In Lisbon, Portugal, Hidden Gems - 24 Feb 2023, 12:01

The enchanting forests in Portugal

Walking is the antidote for improving your physical and mental health and Portugal has... In Hidden Gems, Portugal, Lifestyle - 02 Feb 2023, 19:01

The Fairy-tale village of Monsanto

Monsanto, which translates to “sacred mount”, is one of the most extraordinary... In Portugal, Lifestyle, Hidden Gems, Central - 18 Dec 2022, 18:01

Discover the waterfalls of Portugal

If you have not heard about the waterfalls of Portugal then why not check out some of the... In Hidden Gems, Travel - 13 Nov 2022, 10:00

Have you heard of Portugal’s Birthing Stones?

Arouca’s unique birthing stones are roughly 310 million years old and... In Portugal, Curiosity , Central, Hidden Gems - 04 Nov 2022, 20:01