From this penalty is taken the time of pre-trial detention, which was nine months, specified the president of the panel of judges during the reading of the judgment.

The defendant was also ordered to pay one thousand Euros to each of the child's parents.

"All the facts in the accusation were proven," summarized the president of the collective.

Addressing the defendant, the magistrate said her conduct was "completely unexplainable, especially since she was a mother and grandmother" in addition, "she showed no regrets or apologized."

The investigation into the case concluded - and the court agreed - that the 48-year-old woman simulated her pregnancy and attempted to kidnap the newborn, all "for the purpose of resuming her previous love relationship" with a man. She was therefore convicted of committing an aggravated kidnapping crime in the attempted form.

In an attempt to take the child, the defendant "unauthorized" entered the hospital's Obstetrics, around 7pm on 2 February. In order to be able to circulate in the hospital without arousing suspicion, "she decided to identify herself as a doctor, wearing a blue disposable gown and putting a stethoscope around her neck," the prosecution said.

The defendant and her boyfriend had broken off a relationship that had lasted almost a year and, in October 2018, "promptly resumed personal and sexual contacts."

Following an argument, the woman lied to him, with the alleged purpose of stabilizing the relationship, announcing a false pregnancy.

She made at least two montages of ultrasound images of a foetus, "where she inserted a fake header with her name," spread baby clothes around the house, and on 24 January, 2019, contacted the man by telephone, informing him that their daughter had been born prematurely and would be called Victoria.

"The defendant knew that she had not been pregnant, nor had any babies, but, wanting to maintain the relationship […] and the story she had forged, then decided to ‘get’ a baby," explains the prosecution.

In addition to the gown and stethoscope, to pretend to be a doctor, she carried a coat and backpack, allegedly to bring her with her.

When challenged by a medical assistant, she replied that she was a doctor and was waiting for the process of a parturient she identified.

She asked to take the baby on her lap, but her behaviour aroused distrust of the newborn's father, who in the meantime entered the room.

Fearing that the child's father would realize her purpose, the defendant handed the baby over to another family member who was also there, grabbed her coat and backpack and left the room, reports the accusation. It was eventually intercepted by hospital staff, however alerted by the child's father.

At trial, the woman opted for silence.

Asked if he would appeal, the defendant's lawyer merely said that he would not make any statements.