This group of citizens intends to request to the Municipal Assembly of Portimão, the r revocation or suspension of the Urbanization Plan of UP3 João d’Arens.

In May this year, the union of local active citizenship secured, with the support of the national population, the resident foreign community and the involvement of the scientific community, more than 2,000 signatures that resulted in a declaration of Unfavourable Environmental Impact to the project that intended to build three hotel establishments “in this last and emblematic green area of ??the coastal coastline of the municipality of Portimão”.

“We don't want more buildings on cliffs, we don't want buildings less than 500 meters from the coast, we don't want buildings that only happened by creating exception rules. We do not want to add urban pressure to a place that deserves to be preserved as a natural landscape. And any construction that is made there will violate the (new) land use planning strategy, so this new public petition makes perfect sense” adds Rui Amores, a lawyer and also a member of the group "The Last Window to the Sea".

The meeting point of the action will be at the Zona Desportiva of Praia da Rocha, at 9am.