Looma.pt is an exclusive brand of unique lamps created from Portuguese frames and Portuguese wool. Each lampshade is completely unique, hand-crafted in the Looma workshop and made using natural colours such as indigo, madder root, laurel, carob pods, basil and chamomile.
Co-founder Sol Muniain says: ‘We wanted to create a new lighting concept with a close connection to the landscapes of the Algarve using only Portuguese-made products. We decided to work with wool as a homage to the traditional wool industry in Portugal. Best of all though, the naturally dyed wool looks incredible when it is illuminated – it glows like stained glass. We are incredibly proud of this collection’.
‘Each Looma lamp starts its journey in the land outside the workshop, where we grow many of the plants used to make the beautiful colours’ explains Sol. ‘The process is long, but highly rewarding, and the resulting colours are so beautifully vivid, we feel it’s worth it. We wanted to create lamps with soul, and we feel we have reached that objective’.
‘We are working to a very low-volume business model where we view each lamp as a piece of art and we never replicate one lamp. Once a lamp from our store has been sold, that’s it.’
Looma was created by Sol Muniain and Amori Borman, two creatives who have adopted Portugal as their home. Sol was born in Madrid and is a landscape artist based in Silves. Amori is South African and comes from a Fine Art background. They are passionate about wool and care deeply about the environment.
Looma primarily works with Interior Designers in Portugal, the UK and Spain, but also supplies individuals via its online shop.
For more information regarding Looma, visit www.Looma.pt