Intensive care beds occupancy at 54%

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The Secretary of State for Health has said that 54 percent of intensive care beds in Portugal are occupied, and considers that the number is “a good indicator” of the readiness of these units.

At the press conference about the Covid-19 pandemic in Portugal, António Lacerda Sales indicated that there are 334 people hospitalised in intensive care units as of 28 April and that there are 289 vacant beds. Of those hospitalised, 172 (51.4 percent) were diagnosed with Covid-19.
“It seems to me that we have a space of some comfort here, not only to welcome Covid-19 cases at the moment, but also to prepare all of our activity in intensive care together with the ‘task force’ that studies this process”, he said .
In relation to a possible increase in cases from the end of the state of emergency, which ends at midnight on 2 May, with the progressive reduction in lockdown of the population and the return to activity, Lacerda Sales considered that it is “a matter of great concern” but that the current occupancy rate gives space to prepare for “post-Covid activity”.
For this, health services are counting on “250 intensive care professionals” and also pulmonologists, anaesthetists and internists who are working in intensive care.


We still do not know how many covid-19 patients have been admitted to ICU in Portugal since the beginning of the pandemic - as only daily figures are given by health authorities in this regard. It is also unknown how many people actually died in ICU, let alone those who survived after passing through. It is therefore impossible to assess the effectiveness of the national health system in terms of its ability to admit and save patients in a serious or critical condition.

By António Paulo Ferreira from Beiras on 19-05-2020 03:44

The percentage they announce seems to change with the messages they want to give...the cases in ICU units have declined constantly but are still announced above 50% Doesn't seem to make sense...

By Thomas Wissmann from Lisbon on 30-04-2020 12:24

Where are the so called dying ‘pandemic’ patients ?? Something doesn’t add up ...

By Louisa from Alentejo on 30-04-2020 05:08
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