International paedophilia network leader in court in Lisbon

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The man accused of 583 child molestation and 73,577 child pornography crimes, and who from Águeda was leading an alleged international paedophilia network

The prosecution, to which the Lusa agency had access, says that the main accused, sexually abused eight minors, seven of them his relatives, including babies (two nephews and five cousins).

The crimes took place with the knowledge of the man's parents and two of his cousins, who are four of the other defendants in the process.

A sixth accused, a IT technician from the municipality of Sintra, is charged with 623 crimes of child sexual abuse as well as child pornography, 548 of which were committed on the 5-year-old stepson and 75 on the baby daughter, still months old.

In the final allegations of the trial, which began on 20 May of this year and which took place behind closed doors, the prosecutor asked for a maximum sentence (25 years in jail) for the main defendant and the IT technician, in addition to the conviction of the remaining four.

The reading of the judgment, which will be public, is scheduled for 3.30pm at the Central Criminal Court of Lisbon, on the Campus of Justice on Thursday.

The indictment indicates that the main defendant lived with his parents in a five-bedroom house in the municipality of Águeda, Aveiro district, since 2014 with his sister and brother-in-law, parents of a girl, currently 7 years. In September 2016, the couple had a second child, a boy, today almost 3 years old.

When the couple was absent, the children were entrusted in the care of the defendant or the grandparents (defendants), and the residence was also attended by two cousins ??(defendants) and their three children - two boys aged 6 years and a baby of 3 years and 10 months.

Three other boys, 9, 10, and 12 years old, two of whom were also relatives of the accused, also went to the residence.

The minors stayed overnight in the house several times.

The prosecution claims that at least since 2013/2014 and until June 2017, the month in which he was detained by the Judiciary Police and placed in pre-trial detention, the defendant sexually abused minors, who “filmed and photographed for later release and share such files with other individuals who also enjoy child sexual abuse content.”

The MP says that at least since November 2015 the defendant has created and managed an internationally-owned 'darknet' through which he broadcast films and images of sexual abuse against 'mostly babies' and young children”, which he named 'Baby Heart'.

In addition, there is authorized sharing of the images.

As for the IT technician, the MP maintains that he "filmed and photographed sexual acts" that he kept with his daughter and stepson. He shared them with the main defendant “for publication and dissemination in the 'Baby Heart' forum, as well as sending them to other individuals, administrators of other forums whose identification could not be ascertained, for publication in other child sexual abuse forums”.

This 39-year-old technician is also in custody.

The parents of the main defendant are each charged with eight child molestation crimes, while the 25- and 27-year-old cousins, mothers of three victims, will default on 201 child molestation crimes, in one case and 106 of these crimes in the other.

According to the prosecutor, the parents of the main defendant, 46 and 57 years old, knew that their son “had sex with minors” but “never prevented him” from having children in his care and performing such acts with the victims, “even with their grandchildren”, inside the room they shared in the municipality of Águeda.

With regard to the two cousins, the prosecution points out that, "although they knew that the accused had committed sexual acts with their children […], they did nothing to prevent such acts, while continuing to entrust the accused to minors."


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