“Surf schools and surf coaches make an important contribution to safety and rescue on the beaches in Portugal, as well as the whole surfing community in general. In fact, they are one of the main agents of protection and safety on beaches outside the bathing season,” reads the statement of the AESDP.

The entity underlined that, however, “many of the practitioners don’t have an updated and adequate knowledge of the rescue techniques, first aid and Basic Life Support and, in most of the cases, these rescue actions occur in an informal way and without register of the occurrences”.

That’s why ISN and AESDP established this cooperation partnership, whose beginning will be marked by the realisation of three formations “Surf & Rescue”, in three different beaches: Costa de Caparica (23 September), Sagres (26 September) and Matosinhos (30 September).

These actions mark the end of the bathing season and will train these technicians to ensure safety along the coast throughout the year.

The trainings are directed to trainers and coaches and award 1.4 credit units for the renewal of the Coaches’ Notes of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ). Participation is free and is limited to 30 registrations for each action.

“After the realisation and balance of these actions, ISN and AESDP will announce the plan of joint initiatives to be carried out in the future,” announced the association led by Afonso Teixeira.