Isolation period will only reduce with "robust scientific evidence"

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The Director-General of Health for Portugal, today defended that it would be "extraordinarily positive" to reduce the isolation period from 14 to 10 days due to the contagion of covid-19, but that this time will only be shortened if there is “robust scientific evidence”.

“We have great expectations, we and the whole community around the world, that it will be clearly established that the contagion period is very small after the 10 days of onset of symptoms or contact with a case”, said the director General of Health, Graça Freitas.

Asked about a possible reduction in the isolation period from 14 to ten days, Graça Freitas acknowledged that "it would be extraordinarily positive to be able to decrease the number of days", but that there must first be "robust scientific evidence".

The 14 days correspond to the maximum number of days considered for incubation since the beginning of the pandemic: “It has always been said that this was the incubation period”, recalled Graça Freitas.

"We are looking forward to meeting this period with a lot of positive expectations, but we will see if there is such evidence," he concluded.


There is a huge amount of evidence that face masks are effective. A simple google search provides multiple examples, studies experiences etc. Beliefs are not facts.

By Volker Soppelsa from Algarve on 05-09-2020 09:33

"robust scientific evidence". Hmmm... interesting! There's no scientific evidence that masks are effective. In the contrary, all scientific reports say that they are of no use:
And even Ms. Freitas herself said a couple of months back that they are of no use; they only give a 'false sense of security'. Which agenda is Ms Freitas following?

By Fiona from Algarve on 02-09-2020 03:28
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