The joint patrols are taking place in densely populated places and during events in the Algarve region, with the commitment of military personnel from similar forces, namely the Guardia Civil, Gendarmerie Nationale and Arma Dei Carabinieri, from Spain, France and Italy respectively, in order to enhance the effective safety and sense of security of tourists.

The joint patrolling with police of similar forces has been put in place to provide added value, ensuring greater proximity to foreign tourists, facilitating communication between them and the Guard.

The support provided to foreign citizens in security matters, as well as the provision of any clarification and useful information by members of the security forces of their home country, ensures a better clarification of procedures.

This type of international cooperation, as part of the Safe Tourism programme strategy, ensures greater articulation and understanding with the other social factors with responsibilities in terms of support and protection of tourists and the promotion of security conditions favourable to the increase of tourism.