Judge insists on hearing prime minister in Tancos weapons theft case

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The judge in charge of the pre-trial phase of the Tancos case, the theft of weapons from the Tancos depot, reiterates the request to the council of state for the prime minister to be authorised to give evidence in person as a witness to the former minister of the defence and defendant Azeredo Lopes.

In an order, Carlos Alexandre spoke about the difficulty of formulating questions, sub-hypotheses, explanations and introductions, through the written inquiry to Prime Minister António Costa, already authorised by the council of state.

The magistrate warned that if there are other citizens accused, they too maybe called to give evidence rather than a written statement.

Judge Carlos Alexandre believes that the council of state's request for the prime minister to be heard only in writing seems to have disregarded the position taken by the court regarding the need for the statement to be in person.

The investigation phase of the Tancos case began on Wednesday morning at the Central Criminal Investigation Court in Lisbon, with the interrogation of Válter Abreu and Jaime Oliveira, who according to the indictment were involved in the theft of weapons.

Válter Abreu is considered by the Public Prosecutor's Office to be one of those responsible for the assault on Tancos and is accused of five crimes in co-authorship: criminal association, arms trafficking and mediation, terrorism and other trafficking and other illicit activities.

Jaime Oliveira, according to the indictment, was responsible for the assault on the armoury and is accused, in co-authorship, of criminal association and trafficking and other illicit activities.


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