Kikas, 34th in the world ranking, scored 10.1 points (5.07 and 5.03) in the first round, only beaten by the Brazilian Italo Ferreira, fifth in the circuit, who added 11.94 (6.17 and 5.77).

The Brazilian Caio Ibelli, 21st in the hierarchy and who replaces the Hawaiian John Florence, was relegated to the playoff when he totalled 9.6 points (5.3 and 4.3).

Kikas, who recently won the Azores Airlines Pro on the qualifying circuit, is one of the substitutes for the 2019 edition of the main circuit, with his fifth appearance in France.

He has the best record this year of third place at Oi Rio Pro, in Brazil, and 17th place at Corona Open J-Bay, in South Africa, as well as two playoff eliminations at Margaret River Pro, in Australia, and Tahiti Pro Teahupo'o, in French Polynesia.