Speaking to the Lusa agency, Paulo Silva stated that "the employees of Portos dos Açores are not conducting the entry of vessels at the weekend and after 5pm".

"We cannot allow these risks in a pandemic situation, which we are still experiencing," he said, admitting that "the Regional Government itself has been very cooperative and consistent in all the decisions it has taken".

Even so, the businessman pointed out “a reduction of funds for this situation [of vessel control in the ports and marinas of the Azores], which is to be regretted”, he considered, arguing that “these risks cannot be allowed in a pandemic situation, that we are still going through”.

The regional leader of the Alliance spoke after presenting a yacht trip through the islands of the central group (Faial, Pico, São Jorge, Terceira and Graciosa), in which he intended to “see the investments that the [Regional] Government has made and identify some errors and gaps”.

Paulo Silva warned of the “lack of a marina in the São Roque area on the island of Pico, which is fundamental and strategic” and “the marina of Velas, which has a very small size”, with yachts “on the waiting list”, as well as “the marina of Horta, which on some days reaches a waiting list of more than 100 yachts”.

The president of the party's regional structure also stated that the Azores have “three groups and a forgotten island, which is the white island”, referring to Graciosa.