“The president will resign his mandate for health reasons, this has been a a personal decision that has already been communicated internally and will be made official at the 30 July meeting” a source told Lusa News Agency.

The same source made a point of underlining to Lusa that “the health problems are not serious, it is a personal decision of the mayor to preserve his well-being”.

The news of the departure of the mayor was first made public by the magazine AlgarveVivo.

Born on August 11, 1967, Francisco Martins (51), a registered nurse, is also the current president of the PS/Lagoa council, a position for which he was elected in September 2018.

The mayor was serving his second term as mayor of Lagoa, after winning the election in 2013 with a majority of 41.68 percent of the votes and then being re-elected in 2017.

With the resignation of Francisco Martins, the role of mayor of Lagoa will be assumed by the current vice-president Luís Encarnação