Lagos council concerned with "active contagion focus" because of "illegal" party

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The Lagos City Council said on 15 June that it is concerned with “an active contagion focus” of covid-19 in the municipality, the result of “an illegal festive event” which gathered a “large number” of people.

According to a statement released, the municipality, “the security forces and health authorities, are concerned with an active contagion focus that is being identified” in the municipality of Lagos, Faro district.

The note explains that the “origin of this focus” is being attributed “to the organisation of an illegal festive event”, which took place “a few days ago, which brought together a large number of people”.

The Câmara de Lagos stresses that, “although they are not yet included in the daily report of the Directorate-General for Health, there are already some confirmed positive cases”, without specifying the number of confirmed cases following this outbreak of contagion.

The municipality adds that the “competent entities” are “carrying out tests, determining isolation measures and identifying possible contagion chains”, so that the focus “remains as circumscribed as possible”.


The Prime Minister is encouraging the Portuguese people to take holidays and explore other places in Portugal.Dont think this is a wise move as I can just imagine Places like Alvor being choc-a - bloc with people from areas where the infection rate is high. I've decided not to risk coming 1st July and stay safe in isolation at home in Uk, even though I will lose my airfare

By Merrilyne Afrazeh from UK on 23-06-2020 11:19

We're coming on 8th July so I am hoping the same thing Aidan! That said, the Portuguese authorities seem to have a far better handle on this than those in the UK. Here's hoping we all get the chance to have a good holiday, albeit not quite like the ones we would normally have.

By Liz Hutson from UK on 18-06-2020 05:49

Hi Aidan, I think you will be OK the authorities here in Portugal are pretty efficient in dealing with this situation going from past experiences. They have the added incentive of not just safeguarding lives but also super dependent on keeping you visitors safe and spending money on holiday!!! There are few crowds here so if you are sensible and don't go to some illegal rave you will find plenty of isolation and Vitamin D on our beaches. J

By Justin West from Algarve on 17-06-2020 05:13

I'm coming to Lagos on the 4th July please tell me this is not going to affect my trip ????????????

By Aidan Bernes from UK on 16-06-2020 03:26
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