Licensed since the 1 February 2012, the so-called “Kennel / Gatil Municipal” currently can accommodate 42 dogs and 7 cats.

The rehabilitation and expansion project, recently awarded and currently under preparation, aims to create 16 more kennels for dogs, allowing the release of some existing kennels for the cattery operation. In practice, the aim is to increase the capacity of the facility for the temporary reception of animals and to improve the general conditions of the space.

Alongside this investment, the municipality remains committed to promoting adoption on a larger scale with an increase in information available and awareness in the population. To this end, the partnership with local animal protection associations has been decisive, which have led to the development of voluntary work, namely in terms of information and awareness, of campaigns to collect food and hygiene products, health care and promote responsible adoption.

Meanwhile, the municipal contract has recently been completed to provide the Lagos Animal Cemetery with a further 36 burial units. Of these new units, four are for large animals, 25 are for medium-sized animals and 7 are for small animals.

The works, representing an investment of €17,350.00, will almost double the capacity of the facility which was inaugurated in 2017.