At the same meeting, held last 13 November, the Executive also decided to support the 3rd edition of the Algarviana Ultra Trail (Alut), a track race that aims to make known to the world the potential of the Algarve for the sports in low season, as well as its heritage and landscape wealth.

Via Algarviana crosses the territory of Lagos in the sectors 12 (Marmelete / Monchique to Bensafrim / Lagos - 30 km) and 13 (Bensafrim / Lagos to Vila do Bispo - 30.1 km). There is also a connection route to the CP de Lagos station (10.1 km long), a small complementary pedestrian route (the “Pedra do Galo”, with 6.1 km and located in the Barão de São João Forest) and also an audio-guided trail “Lagos dos Descobrimentos” located in an urban area of the city.

The financial contribution of the Municipality in the maintenance, management and promotion of Via Algarviana, will allow, among other actions, the annual inspection of the routes, the maintenance of signs and painting works, essential for this Great Route to be operational, fulfilling its role as an asset in the tourism offer of the region.

The recently held Barão de São João Walk & Art Fest is one of the “Walking & Cycling” product events that benefits from the existence of this important regional infrastructure.

Approved was also a subsidy of 2 thousand Euros, to be attributed to ATR - Algarve Trail Running Association, for the 3rd edition of the ALUT - Algarviana Ultra Trail track race, which will take place later this month (from 28 November to 1 December), bringing together 100 national and international reference athletes, representing 8 nationalities, who accepted the challenge of running a total of 300 kilometres, mainly via Via Algarviana, within a time limit of 72 hours.

The initiative aims to contribute to the dissemination of the Algarve region as a destination of excellence for sports in low seasons, thus combating not only seasonality, but also the desertification of low-density territories and promoting territorial cohesion for the development of the less-favoured interior economies.

ALUT is organized by ATR - Algarve Trail Running Association and RTA - Algarve Tourism Region, in partnership with Almargem and the support of ANA - Faro Airport. The race will start in the municipality of Alcoutim and end in the municipality of Vila do Bispo, crossing the municipality of Lagos through sectors 12 and 13 of Via Algarviana. The village of Bensafrim will have a point of support for the athletes, designated as “Base of Life”. New in this edition will be the live broadcast of the event, maximizing the promotional potential associated with the event and the territories.