Lagos Town Hall confirms 69 Covid-19 cases and 1100 tests following illegal party

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Lagos has confirmed 69 positive cases of Covid-19 originating from the illegal party held in Odiáxere on the 7th of June, and that so far, "about 1100 tests" have been carried out following it

According to information from the Regional Health Authority, 48 of the positive cases from the party “are citizens living in the municipality of Lagos".

Mass testing and tracking of "people who were at the party or who are family members or work with those involved will continue.


These irresponsible people have cost local businesses millions of Euros now that UK people will be effectively unable to come to Portugal. The organisers and people responsible should be made to pay compensation. And be prosecuted.

By Daniel Roberts from UK on 27-06-2020 03:28

Very irresponsible of them. This part happened the same time our UK Prime Minister was deciding if Portugal should be open for travel. Because of the recent spread of virus in Lagos it was decided UK cant travel to Portugal. Easyjet is cancelling our flight! My family are heartbroken

By Maurice Franks from UK on 25-06-2020 05:17

Its not a illegal party when organized. Of course the consenting organizers should be held responsible for not controlling the situation. And reporting it sooner. Even person who attended should be held responsible for failing to comply with the current rules. They are all accountable for the new spread naively thinking they were exempt from the guidelines putting in everyone at risk. A selfish act.

By Jane from Other on 20-06-2020 11:25

Honte à ces organisateurs....

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 20-06-2020 11:02

My Yacht survey business has necessitated cross border working and I hate to say that a big percentage people I have seen in France, Spain and Italy have dropped their guard with regard to distancing and mask wearing

By Keith willis from Algarve on 20-06-2020 06:34

The people who allowed this to happen have ruined a beautiful towns reputation and the organisers of the party and the sports club deserve to be prosecuted.The Lagos economy was just starting to begin to recover and it has now virtually closed down again.

By David Somerfield from Algarve on 19-06-2020 01:00

absolutely disgusting the club should be closed down

By Micky Mouse from UK on 19-06-2020 12:39

This has really screwed up all the hard work and sacrifice made by residents of the western algarve in past months. If I had the chance I would make these irresponsible idiots pay for the cleanup.

By Martyn from Algarve on 19-06-2020 12:34

The organisers should be put in prison. I trust the police have identified them.

By Frederic from Algarve on 19-06-2020 10:32
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