"Non-resident citizens should come to Portugal only and exclusively for this framework of authorised movement: work, health care, and study if necessary," Cabrita explained to journalists.

Last Thursday, the Council of Ministers approved a resolution banning movement between different municipalities to avoid the spread of Covid-19, between 00:00 on 30 October and 6am on 3 November, but has exceptions and the end of the ban was brought forward from 11.59pm.

The prohibition does not apply "to journeys for the purpose of professional or similar activities, provided that: a declaration of honour is given if the journey takes place between municipalities bordering on the place of habitual residence or in the same Metropolitan Area" or if they are "carrying a declaration from the employer" if they work in a place other than their place of residence.

The restriction on travel between municipalities also does not apply to health professionals and other workers in health and social support institutions, as well as to teaching and non-teaching staff in school establishments, civil protection agents, security forces and services, military, militarised and civilian staff of the Armed Forces and inspectors of the Food and Economic Security Authority.

It also does not apply to the movement of minors and their accompanying persons to schools, kindergartens and leisure activities, or to the movement of students to institutions of higher education or other schools.

Nor does it apply to journeys by users and their accompanying persons to Occupational Activity Centres and Day Centres and to the attendance of training and the holding of tests and examinations, as well as inspections.

According to the resolution, the restriction also does not apply to journeys for participation in procedural acts before judicial bodies or in acts for which notaries, lawyers, solicitors, registrars and registry officers are competent, as well as for attendance at public services, provided that they are accompanied by proof of their respective scheduling, departure from continental national territory and journeys by non-resident citizens to places of proven stay.

There are also no restrictions on trips to attend cultural shows, if the trip takes place between municipalities bordering the usual residence or in the same Metropolitan Area and provided they have the respective ticket and return to the usual residence.

Thus, only workers who work outside the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto or who do not work in a municipality bordering their home need to have a declaration signed by their employer.