Landowners 'fail to clear brush from 31,500 plots' at risk of fires

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In more than 31,500 cases landowners in Portugal have failed to clear plots by the deadline set by the authorities to help prevent forest fires, the minister of internal administration, Eduardo Cabrita, announced on Wednesday.

A total of "31,582 situations have been noted where clearing is not in accordance with the standards laid down by law,” Cabrita told parliament’s committee on environment and land planning. “These situations are being communicated to the municipalities, so that by the end of May they can now enter not a phase of raising awareness, but of monitoring by the GNR" – the National Republican Guard.

The deadline for clearing brush and pruning trees near isolated houses, around villages and along roads was 15 March. In cases where landowners fail to meet it, local councils must ensure that all such fuel-management work is completed by 31 May.

According to the minister, a campaign to raise awareness and encourage the clearing of land with a view to preventing fires was carried out in 1,142 parishes considered to be a priority and in 605 non-priority parishes.

He also said that the government will formally notify municipalities that do not yet have legally-mandated forest protection plans against fires.

The ministry is also to raise awareness of a €50-million credit line available to municipalities to take the place of landowners in clearing brush as necessary.

"Last year there were only 18 applications [for these funds], so it is at the disposal of municipalities for this activity," he stressed.


Ditto us, Nina. We are younger than you, and have already spent over €600 to local tree-fellers, but can't afford anymore at the moment. What to do?

By Ron from Other on 11-04-2019 11:21

We are trying to clear our land, which was surrounded by the fires and destroyed.
We are in our 70s and 80s , we cannont afford to pay any one to help clear it.
We are very worried about this and are trying our best to do some of it.
Is their any help available
We live in Picadouro

By Nina willuamson from Other on 11-04-2019 10:41
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