Our office is based in Lagos, but we provide services across the country in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

We are focused on finding the best solutions for our customers, always faithfully respecting their interests, while valuing transparency and trust.

Real estate law is our preferred area, providing legal advice on real estate investments, namely in the acquisition of properties, as well as in all procedures that may occur or be associated with them, such as applying for registration as a non-habitual resident or golden visa, applying for EU citizen registration, obtaining a residence visa, etc.

The role of the lawyer in the acquisition of real estate is very important, as well as in all types of real estate investments, in order to guarantee the protection of the client’s interests, maximum business security and respect for legal requirements.

If you are purchasing a property in Portugal, it is firstly important to check if the property is legal, so we endeavour to obtain the maximum information about it, through the analysis of the documentation provided by the seller, but also through research in order to assess the legality of the property. We work to ascertain if a property is subject to any registration charges or other charges such as loans, tax debt, condo debt, mortgage etc.

Before proceeding to the promissory purchase and sale contract, the customer is always informed in detail about the entire acquisition process, both in terms of the purchase and sale procedures and in terms of taxes and other charges payable.

In all property acquisition processes, our customers are always informed about the non-habitual resident programme (NHR) and Golden Visa schemes so that, if customers meet these conditions and wish to apply for one of these programmes, they can do so in a timely fashion and with full knowledge of their rights and obligations.

In the processes of buying and selling real estate, we ensure that customers can opt for representation in the various acts, without having to appear in person, however, we always ensure timely information of what is being dealt with, and any procedures are always performed with prior authorisation.

We also do not neglect the needs that our customers have after the purchase of their property, so we assist our customers, with among other matters, requests for the supply of electricity, gas, water, television, internet and telephone, and with issues relating to opening bank accounts and IMI payments.

After the acquisition of real estate, it is important to regulate the transmission in the event of death, and it is important to protect all situations when granting a will, in this sense our office provides the necessary legal advice for granting wills.

Foreign clients, due to commonly their lack of knowledge of the Portuguese language, but also because they are unaware of the functioning of institutions and procedures in Portugal, often require special attention at the level of communication so we always provide translations of documents to ensure everyone fully understands every step of the way.

In times of pandemic, our office has adapted to the circumstances, although we maintain face-to-face contacts, we have also started to communicate with our customers through varied means of distance communication, holding meetings through Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or Webex.

For further information about the services offered by Marco Anino Advogado Law Office, available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, please call 282 761 280, email geral@aninoadvogados.com or visit their offices on Rua Palos de La Frontera, nº 13, Loja B 8600 – 707 Lagos.