According to the local port authority, the numbers already known from 2018 – which can be considered as final, since no more movements are scheduled until the end of the year – represent a 1 percent growth in the number of ships and 22 percent in terms of passengers compared to 2017.
“For next year, APDL maintains high expectations, with 110 cruise vessels already scheduled, 14 of which are to dock for the first time,” the source said, adding: “These trips will bring about 125,000 tourists to the region of Porto and northern Portugal.”
2018 was also the debut year of the Leixões cruise terminal in the simultaneous boarding and disembarkation of passengers called ‘turnaround’.
Most visitors welcomed at the port came from Germany, USA and United Kingdom.
The entry of these tourists has generated a revenue of €9 million, APDL estimated.