The Portuguese environmental organisation that works in partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), argues that it is necessary to limit water consumption in some basins in the country, such as Sado, Mira and Barlavento, in the Algarve, to prevent the lack of water for the populations of these regions.

In a report entitled “The future has less water”, the organisation analyses the effects of climate change and warns that Portugal has less and less water available.

For the ANP / WWF, it is necessary to “act as soon as possible” and it is no longer enough to appeal to the consumer to save water or improve the efficiency of supply networks.

“The future will have less water, and we all must all be aware of this. Our government must prepare for this reality, limiting consumption in some Portuguese basins, allowing only consumption where there is guaranteed supply and promoting effective measures to protect water resources, particularly in the south of the country”, warns the organisation dedicated to the environment.