“If over 70’s are to be in mandatory confinement we ask the government to pay attention to the specificity of golf and allow citizens who practice it as a sport to resume it, always in accordance with the measures that may be implemented to ensure the reduction of risk of contagion of Covid-19 on national golf courses ”, requested the federation, in a letter sent to the government.
In an interview with Observador Radio, Prime Minister António Costa admitted the possibility of prolonging the confinement of the elderly, as opposed to easing some measures for the population at least risk.
“Golf has been referred to as an important form of physical activity for senior citizens, and its benefits have been scientifically proven both physically and psychologically”, justifies the federation.
The FPG reveals that a quarter of its practitioners, the equivalent of about 4,000, are over 70 years old.
“At a mental level, golf provides, through physical activity, effective benefits in the treatment of mild depressions, contributes to the reduction of anxiety, improves confidence and self-esteem and leads to generalised psychological well-being”, adds the body.
The federation also suggests that “golf mitigates the risks of various diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and changes in lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides)”.
It is also mentioned the “proven” fact that regular physical activity increases life expectancy by five years.
The institution’s appeal comes at a time when many of its practitioners are in “true isolation”, fearing that the FPG may cause “states of anxiety or worsening health”.