a statement from the office of the councillor responsible for Planning and Urban Planning, Ricardo Veludo, it is stated that changes in the subdivision between Avenida das Forças Armadas and Avenida Álvaro de Pais, which correspond to the “Praça de Entrecampos” project and will allow the construction of about 500 affordable housing units.

The changes now introduced foresee that, in one of the spaces of the municipal lots, a study room will be installed, operating 24 hours a day.

In addition, at least 20 more surface parking spaces are expected to be added for current residents with EMEL (Lisbon Municipal Mobility and Parking Company) badge, in addition to those for new residents and companies.

The project also provides for a “collective use” garden area.

The subdivision, referred to in the note, consists of 10 lots: two already built, two that have not undergone changes and six “that have now been subject to change and approval, of which five are municipal for integration into the Accessible Income Programme and one is private.

“This is the beginning of the realization of a large public housing project for the middle class and for young people in Lisbon, to be developed by the municipal company SRU [Sociedade de Reahabilita Urbana] Lisboa, whose construction should begin in 2020 after the holding of the respective international public tenders”, stresses Ricardo Veludo (Citizens for Lisbon, elected on the PS list).

The Accessible Income regulation establishes that each person or family must spend a maximum of 30 percent of their net salary on income. According to the council, the value of the rent of a T0 varies between 150 and 400 Euros, that of a T1 is between 150 and 500 Euros and a T2 will have an income that can go from 150 to 600 Euros, while the typologies superiors will have a minimum income of 200 Euros and a maximum of 800.

The first tender for affordable rental homes in Lisbon had 3,170 applications and the draw for this first scholarship of 120 homes took place last week.

Applicants who have not been awarded any of the 120 houses in the first competition will remain enrolled in the Affordable Income Programme and will be notified of the opening of new housing 'grants'. The municipality plans to launch more contests later this year.

For the first contest of the Affordable Income Programme, the City of Lisbon recovered 120 dwellings in different parts of the city, with typologies T0 to T4.