José Bagarrão of Transtejo - Transportes do Tejo/Soflusa - Sociedade Fluvial de Transportes told journalists that fog "is one of the hypotheses among many that may have been the cause of the accident," adding that it would be up to a committee of inquiry to be appointed by the company to establish the causes.

According to Bagarrão, "the vessel hit the Doca da Marinha dock when it was coming from Barreiro [on the south bank of the Tagus] to Terreiro do Paço [boat station] and, after that collision, some passengers who had certainly already got up to disembark were projected and injured."

Preliminary figures released by the authorities are that 34 people were slightly injured, out of a total 561 passengers on board at the time.

According to Bagarrão, ferry services have since resumed, albeit with some delays.