The mandatory use of a mask in stores up to 200 square meters with an open door to the street is one of the conditions, while in hairdressers and similar businesses, services are to be made by appointment.

In closed spaces, the maximum capacity is five people per 100 square meters.

The departments of finance and conservatories also open, among other public services, with prior appointment and mandatory use of a mask.

Today, the libraries will also reopen and there will be the possibility of practicing individual outdoor sports.

Bookshops, regardless of their area, can also open to the public, as part of the return to local commerce, as well as gardens and outdoor spaces for museums, palaces and monuments.

The presence of family members at funerals is also now possible.

The use of masks or visors in public transport and supermarkets has been mandatory since Sunday, a protective measure that also extends to educational establishments and daycare centres, when they reopen, for teaching and non-teaching staff and students over 6 years old.