From next year councils will become responsible for managing issues such as beach licences, concessions and providing assistance to swimmers.
Loulé, Lagoa and Silves have said they will not be taking on this responsibility in 2019, within the scope of decentralisation of Government competencies, although municipalities have been given until 2021 to adopt the task.
According to newspaper Correio da Manhã, Loulé council will tell the Government it will not accept beach management next year.
“We are going to take advantage of the two-year transition period to prepare our services for the new competences. It is a new reality for us and we do not want to take on the responsibility in haste” Mayor Aleixo explained.
Silves council has reportedly already informed the government of its opposition to taking on the task in 2019, both regarding beaches and other matters.
A source from the Lagoa council confirmed that it will also be opting, for now, to refuse management of bathing areas.
On the other hand, the municipalities of Faro, Portimão, Albufeira and Tavira have shown willingness in assuming these responsibilities as early as 2019.
According to the captain of the Port of Portimão, Ricardo Arrabaça, what will change is the “licensing entity”.