On August 31, the last Saturday of the month, the city will be painted in white, with thousands of visitors expected and a surprising and exciting animation as is the hallmark of this event.

When the clocks set at 8.03pm, sunset time, the White Night - Algarve begins, an event that aims to provide visitors with a unique and unforgettable cultural and animation programme, full of glamour but, above all, moments of pure pleasure and relaxation. White is obligatory and transversal to the various manifestations that will have a privileged stage here, from music to street animation, from fashion to painting, from the new circus to the plastic arts, from dance to theatre.

The city centre comes to life, dressed in white and with a surprise around every corner, featuring performances in which visitors are sometimes also protagonists.

Chill Out music follows the whole philosophy of the event and from all corners of this urban centre echoes the sound of DJs, bands and musicians that contribute to this collective toast to summer, warmth and good mood. Some reference names of the national and international music scene will be among the artists of this varied program but only on the same day will they be revealed. Also because the surprise factor is one of the keys to the success of the White Night - Algarve the whole programme is only unveiled on the same day.

The decoration of the streets is revealed in the spirit of white and on this day the image of the city is completely transformed: the traditional and historic town of the Algarve becomes a magical stage.

And because this event is also important in terms of boosting commerce, the shops are open all night long and white in colour, with strictly decorated shop windows and assistants dressed in precept.

“Dress in white! Feel the spirit of urban life in full and enjoy having fun with family and friends at the official farewell party of the Algarve summer!” This is the invitation that the Municipality of Loulé, promoter of the White Night - Algarve, leaves everyone.

Admission is free.