“Today [18 June], a new positive case for covid-19 was confirmed, in the context of screening passengers who arrived in the region on 17 June,” says the epidemiological bulletin released by the Madeira Health Administration Institute (IASAUDE).

The regional authority adds that this is "a case imported from the region of Lisbon and the Tagus Valley", being a "patient who has remained in Lisbon since February, having an official residence in the municipality of Santa Cruz".

After 42 days without registering new situations, the number of positive cases registered in the region rises to 91.

IASAUDE adds that the “epidemiological investigation” of this new case is taking place and that the two situations still active in Madeira “remain in a hotel unit without the need for hospital care”.

It also mentions that, to date, a total of 1,545 suspected cases have been reported, of which 1,454 have given negative results.

IASAUDE indicates that 884 people are being monitored in the different counties in the region, with 415 on active surveillance and 469 on self-surveillance.

In terms of testing for covid-19 screening, that health authority says that 19,916 tests were processed at the Clinical Pathology Laboratory of the Regional Health Service (SESARAM), covering 17,912 users.