The government official added that “other hotels are expected to open in September and October”, pointing out that “about 10 do not have a date scheduled to open because they chose to do works or relating to other decisions that do not directly have to do with the restart of tourism activity”.

“As the national situation is not comparable with the regional situation, this assumption of information penalised us a lot and we were limited in terms of the arrival of tourists from traditional markets “, he argued.

Eduardo Jesus stressed that the objective is “to convey the image that Madeira is a safe destination and has taken measures to ensure that this security is experienced by visitors”.

In his opinion, “Madeira did a great job, not only with the strong image it has today of controlling the pandemic, being the only Portuguese region that has not registered any deaths”(correct at the time of going to press).

“This has allowed Madeira to position itself as a safe destination, not because we have simply chosen to say it, but because we take measures and use them to consolidate the security that is required at this moment”, he concluded.