Madeleine McCann's parents deny receiving letter about proof of her death

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The parents of Madeleine McCann ave denied reports they have received a letter from German authorities regarding proof that their daughter is dead.

In a statement published on the Find Madeleine website and shared to its 500,000 followers on Facebook, Kate and Gerry McCann said "unsubstantiated stories" had caused "unnecessary anxiety to friends and family".

The statement came the day after German prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters reportedly told UK tabloid The Mirror he had made contact with the McCanns to inform them Madeleine was dead.


Wow Sara. You are full of 'facts' aren't you? Presume you must be an officer actually working on the case rather than just getting info from what you have read or hearsay !? Drugging the kids!? Come off it.
I agree with the fact that they were spoilt arrogant idiots that left their children unattended. They have more than enough money for baby sitters and should do like the rest of us and keep your kids with you then when they go to bed you are with them. That goes without saying.
What's with the aggro?! At the end of the day this case was and has been screwed up start to finish. A fact.
'Praying' that someone is taking care of her is rather nieve and very unrealistic. But having another jab at them parenting wise, really?! Think they definitely paid the ultimate price

By Kate Hardstaff from UK on 19-06-2020 12:02

ok so you all feel sorry for these parents lets state the facts of these loving wonderful parents.
1 they DRUG their children so they can sleep
2 so they can walk 10min from their flat to DRINK all kods are under 4
3 both doctors
4 left kids at home several times while they go and drink
9 UK Gov has spent £11.5 mil on 1 CHILD
10 over 20,000 UK children are missing
11 Both parents have REALLY GREAT JOBS NOW
12 A charity that hasn't help find any missing children
And you all pity them. I pray Maddie is alive and the person is taking better care of her than her parent's ever did. Why didn't they take the twins they were smaller they had time to take them all. Why did they drug their babies just to DRINK WITH FRIENDS why are they FRIENDS NOT IN JAIL ALSO FOR AIDING THIS SITUATION.
Sorry I pray for the kids not these WORTHLESS PARENTS.
If this was a family with no money no ties to money friends, a local family, a black family THEY WOULD B IN JAIL ON THE SPOT.

By Sara from UK on 19-06-2020 10:35

Intriged as to why my message wasn't published at 5:30am this morning when I sent it.
Testing my theory....

By Kate Hardstaff from UK on 19-06-2020 08:51

The whole handling of this absolutely horrific heart breaking situation has been handled atrociously by the Portuguese authorities and obviously by the press. Who shockingly enough, when it turns out the images of a man carrying a child through the streets which had been reported, dismissed these to turn attention to the family. The family who I can not and would not to even begin to imagine their pain. Which of course was reflected in the whole mishandling from start to finish, worsened by being called the culprits themselves throughout, throughout! Leads which could have been investigated more were dismissed. Heaven forbid the sunny algarve could have a paedophile killer on their hands.! Even typing that makes me feel so sad.
All this was was to protect the image of Portugal, Not in anyway help this unfortunate family who needed you to help them. Well I tell you something, and I'm glad I've got my platform to do so, I will NEVER set foot in Portugal and tell all I know the reasons why. Who I hope tell their friends. Shame really as you would have been of interest. I was and still am appalled.
Just look at what you feel the need to report about now, this item. Claiming 'they knew you know, they'd got a letter from the German authorities....', again passing the buck and why, why now!? You must think these people are made of stone or robots to be so insensitive. You should all be trying to somehow make up in a small way for the added anguish and sorrow you must have caused this poor people. Actually stop and think about it!
If you reading this have family. Imagine your child is abducted, the horror, the unimaginable horrific images in your mind as to what may have happened to your precious child, only to be met with accusations YOURSELF. No real believe or support in assisting you however possible... Shocking isn't a strong enough word.
I am glad to have finally expressed my views. I have wanted to for so very long. This poor family just needs their little girl's remains back and to somehow get some closure to be able to finally mourn her properly and try to move forward with their remaining family. They need you to show you do care Portugal.

By Kate Hardstaff from UK on 19-06-2020 05:57

The only thing these parents are guilty of was leaving the Children alone And trusting they would be ok. The person who abducted her is the one who is solely to blame for whatever else had happened. The truth will come out hopefully. My heart goes out to the Family.

By Debbie from Other on 19-06-2020 04:17

The loss of your child, be it accident, kidnapping or any other sad way, is the worst happening you'll ever suffer in your life! Be kind to this family! Only God has the right to judge anyone! And He only Helps the ones in need!...????????????????????

By Manuela de Lima from USA on 19-06-2020 03:54

Things are happening is this cruel world. Yes it true their baby was taken away from them I believe them. Come and stay in Soweto you will fnow that is parents deserve to go through the pain they are still going through now.God is in control

By Lato leopeng from Other on 19-06-2020 01:02

I really do think that the parents have killed their daughter because she wouldn't sleep while they partied, as doctors i think they gave her a sedative that probably killed her as both were drunk and probably gave her to much, also what about the evidence from human corpse in the boot of the rented car they had, no one has took that little girl, that's what I beleive.

By Sue from UK on 18-06-2020 11:34

Little Maddie ❤ she has touched the hearts of millions all over the world. From the start of her disappearance till now I continue to pray that she is Alive, somewhere out there. This little angel has always had a place in my heart. I do wish many things were different. I do however believe that if the Portuguese police has acted fast that Maddie would have been found. My personal opinion is they should have immediately sent out search parties and sniffer dogs everywhere, had eyes in the sky and had roadblocks but they dragged their feet for to long. I do wish that the McCanns friend who saw the man carrying a young child across the road when she was going to check on them had approached him, It is my gut saying, that it was him with Maddie, but we will never know the real truth unless all is told. I pray for the truth to be told. I pray for the McCann family, they have been through hell since that day and will continue to until it all comes out, until then they have no closure and cannot find peace. No child nor parent deserves to go through such pain. The German police need to torture Mr B until they get answers out of him, if he did commit the crime and knows where Maddie is, then the police need to get that out of him. If Maddie is no longer here then I pray that they find her and can lay her to rest, but God I pray that's not the case ???? I pray for peace for Maddie and her Mom, Dad and her sibblings
God Bless them all

By Nicole from Other on 18-06-2020 10:33

Plenty of parents leave their children in the hands of registered childminders. Yet the childminder has murdered or caused harm to the child . Nobody out there ever thinks any harm will come to your children until it happens. Yes it was wrong to leave them and I believe as doctors perhaps they should have set an example to others by not leaving them. If the shoe was on the other foot so to speak . You might say professional bodies like these parents may well have judged us for doing what they did.
There sentence is guilt for the rest of their days. They will never forgive themselves but we must forgive them and let them move on for the sake of their other children . I hope someday soon the
Mc Cannes get some answers and closure. God bless and keep safe .

By Jane Partridge from UK on 18-06-2020 10:12

Please stop all the negative comments re Parents of Madeline , they’ve suffered enough...I’ve been to Portugal many times and it always seems safe...It’s the person who took her who needs be found .Show some kindness and compassion and stop judging! Of course they miss their child , it’s heart breaking for them ????

By Jan Morgan from UK on 18-06-2020 09:47

I am amazed there are so many vicious people, all too ready to condemn, never having put a foot wrong themselves. I didn't realise there were so many perfect people ! ! !

By Shirley Hunt (Mrs) from Other on 18-06-2020 09:29

I think footage of the Mcanns interviews need closes looking at, see if there are any tellling expressions etc like has been demonstrated on the programme Tears of a crime, there are people trained to tell if someone is lying or hiding something. Also why was it only 1 child taken? However if they were not responsible other than their sheer negligence I feel bad for them.

By Zachary Cole from UK on 18-06-2020 08:19

I’m so sorry that beautiful girl is still missing ! If those kids were mine I would have NEVER left them alone for going out with friends neighbors whoever to party . I’m a single mother and when my kids were little no one watched them but me 24/7 . Until they were old enough to go to school and then drove a bus so I could keep my eyes on them . I would have NEVER Left Peru not without my daughter . I wonder if she cry’s every night ( the mother ) they don’t act like they miss her anymore . I think they killed her , know where the body is . Her husband look like a perv . Just saying . Those 2 parents were weird from the get go

By Lori from USA on 18-06-2020 05:05

Never judge a person until u walked a mile in there shoes God is the judge so let

By E. Waldron from USA on 18-06-2020 04:19

I have read bits and piece about this case. Can someone send me a link so i can read the whole story on what happened that fateful night..

By Becky Morales from USA on 18-06-2020 03:41

Real probe, no one has. Material probe. That's what they need to know to believe.

By Asher from Other on 18-06-2020 03:22

Leave them alone the knowledge that they left her alone is enough hell to go through they dont need anyone to point that out be a bit kinder

By Sylvia Roberts from UK on 18-06-2020 03:09

I feel so sad that this happened to them.
It was not smart to leave them alone why they did they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.
I hope they can get the correct answer to put this to rest.
Give a proper memorial at least I hope the killer will do that.
These pedophiles are very evil sick humans
God bless the family at this very horrific time.????????????

By Louise MacPherson from Other on 18-06-2020 02:38

Have some compassion the McCann will suffer for the rest of their life, they make a mistake, they were close by and never imagined that the children were in danger, to all righteous people l suppose you have never made a mistake. I feel desperately sorry for their continuous pain and deserve to learn the truth, perhaps if the Portuguese police had done a better job things might have been different

By Jeannine Denman from UK on 18-06-2020 02:34

Everybody in some time make huge mistakes without thinking of something like that would happen. We did it with our kids many years ago! They have paid the price over and over again. We all carry regrets. They need forgiveness, love and support. Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

By Ingrid Wraight from Other on 18-06-2020 02:19

The parents made the original mistake... They left the children alone.... I'm sure they would not make the same mistake again... Not knowing what happened to their child must be devastating... I do feel bad for them... Unfortunately there are many pedophiles, always lurking, you can't always see them... and others are dressed up as clowns or Santa Claus... THE BEAUTIFUL THING IS WHEN THEY END UP IN JAIL THEY GET TAKEN CARE OF PROPERLY.... CRIMINAL INMATES GIVE THEM THE JUSTICE THEY DESERVE....

By Rob from USA on 18-06-2020 02:14

I think they have suffered enough for the fact they left them. They will suffer till the day they die.I pray every night she will return home safe and will do until we know what happened to her.

By Ann COOPER from UK on 18-06-2020 01:18

I really do believe that the parents are responsible for Madeleine's death.It was a coverup for a possibly accidental death.

By Lisa Tarr Cohn from USA on 18-06-2020 01:00

Yes, the parents are experiencing unnecessary anxiety. If they weren't negligent in the first place, this would never have happened. We've all heard stories of parents leaving children home alone or in their cars so they could go booze it up with friends, and we feel disgusted. But because the McCanns are both doctors and have money, it's OK? Surprising they didn't want to pay for a nanny....they could afford it.
When a child disappears or is murdered, it is the parents around 50 percent of the time, so of course the police have to investigate that.
Speaking of negligence, this isn't some quaint little Portuguese village where everybody knows each other. This is a high volume tourist area, and scum like pedophiles are drawn to these areas because it's easy to blend in and take advantage of people who are vacationing and letting their guard down.
Honestly....I can't wait for the movie!

By William from Other on 18-06-2020 12:43

Please tell the parents true
Send them the body dead of their daughter so that they believe she is dead

By Anneli K.N. Nakanyala from Other on 18-06-2020 12:19

The comments on here are rediculous those people left their kids why do they deserve our sympathy maddie has my sympathy the twins have my sympathy but those 2 disgust me

By Miss Laura B Statton from UK on 18-06-2020 12:14

I don't know what to believe any more the one thing that sticks in my mind is on sky news after it happened Gerry mccann sister was interviewed and say she had a phone call from him saying that the children where checked on every 30 mins but weeks later the papers say 15mins now we know it was on the hour its terrible what's happened but tell the truth x

By Irene Gilmore from UK on 18-06-2020 12:08

The Family needs our Prayers nothing else.

By Mic from Other on 18-06-2020 11:48

When a child disappears into the thin air parents are always in the frame, it would have been irresponsible for the Portuguese police not to look into that possibility; it is only right that they did. Just to remind everyone, that investigation has not concluded; all the physical and forensic evidence still points to the fact that Madeleine died in that apartment. No new evidence has surfaced to suggest otherwise. Whatever had happened the parents have to accept their culpability first because it was their responsibility as parents to ensure the safety of that child.

By Mohammed Abdullah from UK on 18-06-2020 11:36

"Barry" from the UK, have you never made a mistake? Have you lived such a perfect life? Have you ever taken the time to notice the pain on the faces of Kate and Gerry McCann? Are you a parent?? Nobody deserves to pay for a mistake the way they have and will continue to do for the rest of their lives. Your comments help nobody and are just you venting, life is all about you. Have some compassion. You might need some yourself some day.

By Catriona Kenny from Other on 18-06-2020 11:29

It is a disgrace that such nonsence is published that Madeleins parents were informed about 'evidence' she is dead. If the Portuguese police did a proper job they should have checked the paedofiles in that AREA immediately after she disappeared. Amarel is to be blamed. He is to be blamed for not finding Madeleine in time. He wasted precious time putting the blame o her parents. Utter disgrace.

By Elvira Bothma from Other on 18-06-2020 10:03

Madalaine McCans parents have been treated dreadfully over the years. Yes they made a mistake leaving the little ones for a while., but if the truth be known who hasn't at some time.
They have gone through enough pain and sorrow. The Portuguese police made a big mistake by blaming the parents for maddie's death. They were so wound uP about trying to nail the parents that they missed the real the truth and let the poedophiles who took maddie cover their tracks.

Maddie's parents deserve the truth.
The trouble is now I think the Portuguese police
Realise what a terrible mistake they made and dont want to own up to it.
God bless and help that poor family.

By Ellie Young from UK on 18-06-2020 09:21

Never forget they left three baby’s alone so they could party,with the door open they could have killed all three . Sorry I have no sympathy for them!why where they not held to account for there disgusting behaviour.

By Barry from UK on 18-06-2020 09:16

It is every hard to judge yes or not. However this is a very sensitive issue if they sent the latter they should have the records of it and they should have presented to the UK authorities. Prove it, that is all

By Teresa Matos from UK on 18-06-2020 06:47

Por favor podem corrigir "ave" por have?

By Alexandra from Lisbon on 17-06-2020 11:12
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