"Only the cases flagged by the health authorities will be attended to, access will be controlled by the Municipal Police, the control is done through the registration of the vehicle and everything is done by scheduling, to avoid queues", the source of the local authority told Lusa, on Tuesday and revealed to have put the hypothesis, with the Regional Health Administration of the North (ARS-Norte), of "a state of calamity was decreed in the county and created a sanitary cordon".

As for the results of the tests to be carried out at the Maia screening centre, installed in the “circular of the Municipal Stadium”, they are known “after 24 hours” and “always communicated, whether negative or positive, by email or mobile phone message”, added a Chamber source.

This screening centre is a partnership between Câmara da Maia, the Maia-Valongo Health Centre Group (ACES), the Health Authorities and the Synlab laboratory.

In a statement, the Câmara da Maia revealed that the president, António Silva Tiago, "evoked the possibility of a state of calamity being decreed in the municipality and the establishment of a sanitary cord, but the main responsible for the [Regional] Northern Health Administration" revealed that the situation of Maia is not different from the majority of the counties in the North and the rest of country".

"Furthermore, a sanitary cord is justified, from a technical point of view, when there is a community transmission, with no data, at this moment, that this is happening in Maia, where the transmission chains of the virus are identified", said the autarchy, revealing that Silva Tiago "demanded explanations from the president of ARS-Norte, requesting indications as to the measures to be taken".

Lusa contacted ARS-Norte about this case, but has not yet received a response.

The Porto District Judicial Court announced on Tuesday that it had decided to close the building in the municipality of Maia where a positive case covid-19 was confirmed, admitting that "there is general alarm" in that nucleus.

According to the Judicial Court of the District of Porto, the situation was communicated to the health authorities of Maia, having sent to the local health delegate a "list with names and close contacts, as well as occasional contacts" of the bailiff who tested positive for the new coronavirus, which, the court note continues, "is under observation and subject to medical care".