Majority of Portuguese drivers use mobiles while driving

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The Portuguese are among the drivers who most use mobile phones while driving (74 percent), including the use of the hands-free system, indicates a study that covered 5,004 European drivers and 3,006 Americans.

According to the “Global Driving Safety Survey”, developed by insurance company Liberty Seguros in collaboration with the Portuguese Road Safety Authority (PRP), 74 percent of the Portuguese use mobile phones while driving, surpassing the Irish and North Americans (67 percent), the French (58 percent), the Spanish (55 percent) and the British (47 percent).
The study shows that 69 percent of Portuguese respondents admit to “looking at messages and calls they are receiving”, 52 percent “look at notifications”, 26 percent “read e-mails and messages and 18 percent “use social network apps”.
Only 13 percent of the Portuguese surveyed say they put their mobile phone out of reach during car journeys and, as far as ringing volume is concerned, 73 percent say they have their mobile phone ringing, 9 percent are silent and 18 percent are in vibration mode.

José Miguel Trigoso, president of the PRP, warned that the use of a mobile phone by the hands-free system, despite being legal, is as distracting as talking with the phone in hand (which is illegal), due to the cognitive distraction it causes (the type of distraction that most negatively influences driving).
For Trigoso, these data suggest that dependence on the mobile phone overrides the awareness that using the phone while driving is “increasing the risk of having a road accident”.
Aware of this serious driving problem, Liberty Seguros and PRP will launch a new awareness campaign to prevent the use of mobile phones while driving, including a pioneering alert on the use of the hands-free system.
Insurers currently have no way of ascertaining whether accidents are caused by the use of a mobile phone while driving. José Miguel Trigoso indicated that certain countries are moving, in case of accidents with serious injuries, to a judicial request for telecommunications operators to facilitate the driver’s conversations at the time of the accident.


While sitting in the passenger seat of a car stopped at a Quarteira pedestrian crossing, was hit from behind by a car driven by a woman on her mobile. I managed to get out of the car and she had not yet hung up.
The GNR came and I had to be taken by ambulance to Hospital as I was suffering from whipp lash. The GNR in Quarteira did not want to write on the repport that she was on the mobile. This could easily be proved with the time of the accident.
At the time I hade 5 policies in my name with MAPFRE. I went to court and the appointed doctors were from the insurance company of my policy. One of them was identified by the logo on his person. I asked the judge if this was not a conflict of interest and he said the court could decide who was to sit at the hearing. The insurance company did not pay me anything.
I lost my business, could not work for a year, ran up a debt which I am still paying.
I learned that in Portugal you can do anything you want, as long as you have money or influence. On the other hand it is better that anyone without those things remain very careful.

By Paulo Ruben from Other on 04-01-2020 03:57

Portuguese people are amongst the worst on pretty much everything.
Education, economy, health care, you name it we got it!

By João from Lisbon on 04-01-2020 09:10
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