And simple gestures can make a difference. Gestures such as the one being made by legendary giant wave surfer Garrett McNamara, MALO CLINIC brand ambassador, who along with his 4-year old son Barrel, is sending a message about the importance of preserving the Planet.
For someone so accustomed to overcoming great challenges, this is perhaps the biggest of them all: clearing the oceans, leading companies to think of everyday products made from sustainable materials and encouraging people to reduce their ecological footprint.
Each family produces on average 7.4 kilos of garbage a day, 40% of which are plastic. Annually, more than eight million tons of plastic leak into the ocean waters, costing the lives of more than one million marine animals, according to the United Nations.
The products we use in our daily routines, even the seemingly more insignificant ones, have a huge impact in those numbers when used in a larger scale. In the area of Oral Hygiene, however, there are already several eco-friendly solutions, many of them based on bamboo, a self-sustaining, abundant, biodegradable and, in addition, naturally antibacterial resource, making it an excellent option for both the environment and daily oral hygiene.
Internationally recognized in the field
of Dentistry for its innovative nature
and for the importance given to social responsibility, MALO CLINIC shares with its ambassador Garrett McNamara this concern with sustainability, a cause to which it will pay special attention in 2019, making an effort to help preserve biodiversity and our ecosystem as we know it.
Making the world a better place is a daily mission. Do like MALO CLINIC and Garrett McNamara. Begin the change by what is close to you, within your reach, and let your actions influence everyone around you. Be the change you want to see in the world!

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