In the statement, the PJ police force explained that "the facts date back to 15 January 2013, in Viana do Castelo, and involved the murder of one brother and attempted murder of another brother."

"The first was hit by blows from a bladed weapon and the second was shot to death with a shotgun when, together with other family members, they were looking for the suspect at their residence. Following the facts, and even that night, the suspect went on the run, leaving for abroad where he had relatives ", the note specifies.

The alleged murderer, Valdemar Silva, known as 'Nono', was arrested on 16 July in Longlaville, Nancy, France and, the following day, was present at a judge at the Nancy Court of Appeal, who ordered the extradition to Portugal.

According to the PJ, "the Department of Criminal Investigation of Braga and the International Cooperation Unit, in compliance with a European arrest warrant, issued by the Judicial Court of Viana do Castelo, proceeded to extradite, under arrest, the 36 year old man. "

The PJ said that "over the past seven years, there has been an intense exchange of information between the Judiciary Police and European counterparts, aiming at the location of the suspect, who ended up being located in France, by the French police ".

The defendant "identified himself with the name of a family member, trying to evade police control", but "through the sharing of international information, the real identity was quickly confirmed".

At the time of the arrest, in statements to the Lusa agency, the lawyer of the victim's family, Francisco Morais da Fonte, said that "although he was never located, the man was formally accused of the crimes of qualified homicide.

"A trial was scheduled but has so far been suspended pending the police authorities locating the accused," he said.

"The victim's family never gave up on the case. They have fought in every way so that the man could be found and taken to court so that justice could be done," said Morais da Fonte.

The murder victim, Jorge Matos, known by the nickname 'Cuba', 35 years old, was shot dead, while his brother was seriously injured due to a stabbing.

At the time, according to a PSP source, the two cases took place in different parts of the city centre, between 11:10 pm and 11:25 pm, suspecting that they involved the same attacker.

Both were transported to the Viana do Castelo hospital, but the eldest brother died.