The urge for personal space is in us all. Kids love a hideaway or a den that grown-ups can’t enter; and as adults with a family of our own we crave a place of calm repose (perhaps even more so!). Even lifelong couples benefit by allowing each other their own space.

While the guys have long had a ‘man-cave’ to escape to, women today have a ‘she-shed’…!

For those working from home, an independent office environment helps focus the mind. There’s a psychological lift in feeling ‘out of the house’ - even if your place of escape is just down the garden path. And there’s real satisfaction in returning to the house after, with a sense of something accomplished.

Whether you need an office or studio, a den or a workshop, a summerhouse or even spare accommodation - Decking Dave has the answer.

An off-shoot of the construction firm Modernbuild, specialists in light steel frame (LSF) and timber houses, Decking Dave uses experienced carpenters to build garden studios to the same specifications as quality wooden homes, with insulated cavity walls to retain warmth in winter and stay cool in summer. Interior walls can either be of wood for a natural ‘cabin’ look, or plasterboard for a smooth contemporary finish.

With double-glazed doors & windows, even air-conditioning, the result is a comfortable indoor environment for year-round use.
Built to your needs, such constructions are of varied design. Roofs can either be of terracotta tiles or a waterproof asphalt covering, and interior floor surfaces whatever you prefer. A typical studio/office may be just 4x3 metres; whilst a more spacious construction might incorporate a kitchenette, WC/bathroom etc.

So, if you need some extra space – call Decking Dave!

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