The 11-month-long investigation also culminated in the arrest of a 30-year-old man on suspicion of drug trafficking.
According to a statement from the police force, the detainee operated in an “organised and methodical fashion”, transporting the drug in and around the metropolitan Lisbon area to drug peddlers on the streets.
“With this police intervention it was possible to put an end to an important drug trafficking network that operated, essentially, in the Oeiras and Lisbon area, strengthening the sense of safety among the population.”
A total of 128,000 individual doses of a product suspected of being hashish, €400 in cash, two vehicles and one mobile phone were also confiscated in the swoop. The PSP’s statement explains the man has a criminal record for similar offences and is being held in custody until trial.
The operation coincided with Spanish police seizing 1.5 tons of hashish in a joint cross-border swoop.
According to a report by the Lusa News Agency, the coastal patrol unit of Portugal’s GNR announced last Friday the seizure of 1.5 tons of hashish on a boat boarded by the Spanish authorities, as part of a joint operation near the frontier between Portugal’s Algarve region and Spain’s Andalusia.
The operation took place during the morning, with the coastguard from the Spanish province of Huelva and the police from Isla Cristina - a municipality in Huelva - intercepting the boat after they were alerted by members of Portugal’s GNR of “suspicious movements off Isla Cristina”, about 20 kilometres from the frontier, the latter said.
After searching boats offshore in the River Guadiana and near the fishing port of Isla Cristina, Spanish police seized a fishing boat tied up in the port that “contained inside it 50 bundles of hashish weighing about 1,500 kilograms”, a GNR spokesman said.
The drugs seized have a market value of about €4 million, the spokesman added.