Maximum temperatures to rise 10 degrees

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Maximum temperatures will rise by 10 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, 18 March, and from Friday, 20 March, they drop significantly and the rain returns in full, the meteorologist Ângela Lourenço told Lusa.

“We are going to have a significant temperature rise tomorrow [Wednesday], especially the maximum. This situation will not last long. It is expected that the decline the on Friday will be sharp”, said the specialist from the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA).

According to Ângela Lourenço, on Wednesday the maximum temperature values ??will reach 25 to 27 degrees in some locations in the districts of Santarém, Évora and Portalegre, and occasionally even more.

“In the north, the temperature can reach 26 degrees in Braga, for example, but then, quickly, on the 20th [Friday] it should not exceed 20 degrees throughout the territory. The highest values ??will be in the order of 18 to 19 degrees”, he said.

Ângela Lourenço explained that the drop in temperature on Friday is approximately the same value as the rise on Wednesday.

“We have punctual increases in the order of 10 degrees in some places, in some places even higher, and then on Friday the descent will be of the same order of magnitude between 8 to 10 degrees. What goes up tomorrow goes down on Friday,” he said.

According to the IPMA meteorologist, the sudden rise has to do with a mass of warmer air that comes from the south of the region of Morocco and that will bring a warmer and humid air.

“It also contributes to the fact that we have the biggest days, walking towards the beginning of spring. Where there are no clouds or precipitation, the temperature tends to increase,” he concluded.

Despite the rise in temperature, on Tuesday some precipitation is expected in the southern region due to a depression that comes from the region of Spain to mainland Portugal.

“This more frequent rainfall in the southern region will gradually decrease in frequency. The rain returns on the 19th [Thursday], but on the 20th [Friday] it covers the entire territory,” he said.


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