McCann parents taking legal action against Portugal

By Kim Schiffmann, in News · 05-02-2020 14:38:00 · 14 Comments

According to an article published by the Daily Star on 3 February, Madeleine McCann’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, are taking legal action against a ruling by the country’s Supreme Court, which could result in Portugal having to pay compensation over her disappearance.

In 2007, Kate and Gerry McCann left their child, Madeline McCann, 3 years old, and their 2 year old twins alone in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve, to go out for dinner with their friends in a nearby tapas bar and upon their return to the apartment found that Madeleine had vanished.

13 years and £12 million worth of tax payer’s money later, the McCann’s are taking legal action against Portugal, which, according to the Daily Star stems from a “feud with former detective Gonçalo Amaral, 60, who led the initial police hunt for Madeleine and in a best-selling book later accused the couple of covering up her death”.

The McCann’ went on to sue Mr Amaral for libel, stating that the global search for their daughter was obstructed by his claim Madeleine was dead. This resulted in the decision to award them damages and costs totalling £436,000 to be overturned on appeal, justified by the fact that the detective was entitled to express his opinions under freedom of speech, a decision that was ratified by the highest authority in the country, Portugal’s Supreme Court.

The Daily Star wrote that the McCann’s are now wanting to appeal against that judgement in Strasbourg, France, in the European Court Of Human Rights and that in the coming months a judge is to assess the case. Adding that a spokesman for the European Court Of Human Rights said “Before the end of the year there will be a preliminary examination by the court regarding the admissibility of the application”.

This, if the McCanns win, could result in the Portuguese nation to be ordered to pay a cash settlement.

The article also mentions that a source close to the UK police probe into Madeleine’s disappearance could fuel resentment. “Now the possibility of having to pay money to a couple, who – in many locals’ eyes – left their child to fate while they went out, could cause resentment”.

The Daily Star attempted to contact the McCann’s who said they were unavailable for comment.


Medics? Callous uncaring monsters leaving 3 under 3yr olds-should be in jail for child neglect -unfit parents,many medics think themselves God sitting in judgement on others ruthlessly often getting it wrong as parents and medics.No continental and caring parent leaves kids alone going off to stuff themselves&socialise-normal in europe in summer kids have nap in day so all family goes out for a meal until v late -not left to poss die alone/have accident&2 good incomes yet no babysitter?Hardly loving kind parents--prosecute them EU and uk-anyone not a medic would have been immediatly-very sus ---de leyva--levi

By ingrid fries--de leyva from UK on 16-10-2020 01:34

Seriously still onto a lost cause. They are wealthy parents and have to remind all that the hotel where they were staying had a baby sitting facility and they did not use it.
To add to all the comments above, they knew they would be on holiday and they knew how much their daughter needed attention as a hyper active child and yet they left the children alone in the apartment. For me, and so help me God, I believe she accidentally overdosed Maddie.
Then the cover up started. Never call the police and made a call to a unknown number in the UK before calling the local police some 45 min later !! Really ?

By Jack Straw from UK on 07-02-2020 12:03

Will these people stop at nothing in their endeavours to make money from their own child´s, presumably, demise. First they leave three children alone while they go out partying, then they never actually join in a search for her and refuse to answer police questions. The only thing they did was contact the media, and delete messages off their phones. The next step was to convince the UK people to give them money to help their search and fly around the world getting their names in the press everywhere they went. Not once have I seen them actually look saddened by Maddies disappearance, but most of the time they look ecstatically happy. Sr Amaral did everything in his power to try find Maddie and get justice for her, something the McCanns have failed to do. They should never have been allowed to leave Portugal when they were made "suspects" and even the UK should have realised they were unfit parents and should have been charged as such.

By Jo from Algarve on 06-02-2020 06:37

Talvez esteja na hora de ser o Estado Português, a população da Praia da Luz a pedir yma indemnização por danos causados por este amaldiçoado casal...

By Helena from Algarve on 06-02-2020 03:49

If a poor parent leaves a child unattended to go to work, he/she will certainly be arrested and the child taken away from him/her. I am wro

By Alzira Cerqueira from Porto on 06-02-2020 01:58

Well.. the first paragraph says it all...left her ALONE!!! SO teh only.ones to blame, and stop playing us up as if we were all stupid.
He is.the one to blame , and she up

By Eva Lopez from UK on 06-02-2020 01:33

These " parents" should be put in jail for abandonment and neglect! Who leaves their very young children alone?! That in itself is highly suspicious! Makes my heart sick to hear children left alone like this! Who does that?!!!!

By Jill from Other on 06-02-2020 11:44

Are you kidding. I agree with the above comment and totally disgraceful.

By PA from Other on 06-02-2020 07:12

They killed her and know where she is buried.

By Knowath udid mcann from Algarve on 05-02-2020 11:57

I was living in the Algarve when this happened. The concensus of opinion locally was that the McCanns were to blame for their daughters death. Too many witnesses , too many co incidences involved. Haven’t they had enough money and publicity from all this? Another child , Portuguese child was also “abducted” and she never got the publicity or the investigation that Madeline received . Why did they bring all their friends into the hotel rooms to “look” for her , call the papers, THEN the police ? Local opinion at the time was that they were guilty , maybe accidentally injected her with her medication and she died . I do not believe they are entitled to any money from the Gov of Portugal .

By Susan Searle from Algarve on 05-02-2020 11:32

What is this all about now ? How much money and personal gain this greedy couple can make or a search for their missing daughter caused by their own neglecting behaviour?
This stinks of their poor damaged egos and them rinsing their poor daughter’s memory in order to get themselves more money.
I sincerely hope the ECHR rejects their appeal and they are stopped pursuing this whole farce of a story they created.

By Steve S from UK on 05-02-2020 11:00

If the McCann's had put as much effort into taking proper care of their children as they have put into suing people, then we wouldn't be here today still talking about poor Madeleine, the real victim in this tragic case. The McCann's themselves are the ones who have hindered the search from the moment they reported Madeleine missing, with lies about jimmied shutters, not actually searching for their daughter, not doing a reconstruction, being offensive towards the PJ for trying to their job, amongst many other things. They said they would forgive the 'abductor' who according to them is a paedophiles, but wish fear and misery on Mr Amaral for the rest of his life. That should tell you what sort of people they are.

By Carrie from UK on 05-02-2020 07:16

Really, still holding onto the money they OWE Mr Amaral, disgusting pair of scumbags. Still walking free when they should have been locked up years ago. I am sure the court of European rights will know of this case and realise they are being used simply to avoid the McCanns paying the money, money they STOLE from the British Public years ago. The court can do nothing but agree with the Supreme courts ruling. Human rights? What about Maddies human rights! McCanns didn't give a dam about hers. R.I.P

By Cat Lady from UK on 05-02-2020 05:15

A sad day for all horrible tragedy, even worse for Madeleine, Both parents educated, leaving children unattended is inexcusable and to now seek damages they should reconsider there options, money and finger pointing, a bit late.
Otherwise all aspects need to be reviewed, child abuse ect.

By Mondo from Algarve on 05-02-2020 04:00
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