McCanns and Amaral fail to reach settlement

By Brendan de Beer, in Algarve · 20-02-2013 15:31:00 · 28 Comments
McCanns and Amaral fail to reach settlement

The parents of missing British girl Madeleine McCann and a former PJ police inspector have this week reportedly failed to reach agreement on an out-of-court settlement.

The defence team of Gonçalo Amaral told Lusa News Agency that court proceedings are back on track after the two parties failed to agree terms.
Kate and Gerry McCann sued Amaral for 1.2 million euros in damages, and the case was put on hold due to an apparent attempt in January by the McCanns to reach an out-of-court settlement.
The case centres around the publication of a best-selling book by Amaral, The Truth of the Lie, which was later transformed into a television documentary shown on national television.

It was reported last month that more than 1.2 million
euros was made from Kate McCann’s book about her missing daughter.
“Income from the book has significantly improved the position”, of the funds’ accounts, its directors said this week, who added: “This will continue as a result of publication in other countries and the release of the paperback.”
Madeleine’s Fund climbed to around 2.5 million euros in the immediate months after her disappearance in May 2007, but in 2009, Gerry McCann told The Portugal News, “We are in danger of running out of money by the end of the year.”
While the Fund has admitted it has scaled back following UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s creation of Operation Grange, it revealed that it still pays for “a 24-hour, 7 day a week telephone line to receive and capture information from around the world which may assist the investigation while also supporting a small investigation team, including a Portuguese speaker to help with the above and with campaign activities.”


I hope and pray that some of the news media in Portugal are sticking up for Amaral, because here in the UK our media are too scared of being sued by the McCanns to say anything other than agreeing with them, They have pulled the wool over our eyes for far too long and no one here dare write a thing against them, they even have the metropolitan police force looking for Maddeleine .

by Mike Parnell from UK on 12-09-2013 02:18:00

Why are they so obsessed with trying to sue Mr Amaral.
Surely their focus should be solely on finding the child.
Paula NZ

by Paula from Other on 20-05-2013 05:29:00

I know that the laws and the way you can do or say things in Portugal is completely different to the UK such as when the McCanns was suspects and gagged there was leaks about the case from certain quarters just to get the rumour mill going,and some of the gossip was disgusting nothing to do with the disappearance of the child.
I am sure there are reasons to why the McCanns are doing things different.
You are so sure the McCanns are guilty and so do others,why do you not present the evidence to the right people, or are you saying the Portuguese court of law is
not educated enough to make the right decision.
I have been involved in a minor conflict in Portugal (a county court case)Even though I was correct in the end I had no choice to stand down, and pay the cost of the case simply because All the lies that was thrown into the case by the other party could be in the eyes of the law there be acceptable as proof,so unless you have had a taste of this I very much doubt you understand the Laws in Portugal.You have the right of an opinion on the case and I too have an opinion that I understand mine is different from yours.I accept that.

by Troy from UK on 28-02-2013 10:02:00

I have seen it said that "Saint Kate" had a dream in which she was asked by her late father to let it go and give the guy a second chance.


They are still, even when they are trying to back out of this, attempting to make themselves out to be whiter than white, and that they're doing it to be "kind" to Mr Amaral.

Shame they didn't have quite the same feelings of forgiveness about Tony Bennett a couple of weeks ago.

It doesn't add up.

My personal belief is that now that their friends in Labour aren't in power any more, and we're heading into a general election next year, a lot of evidence that was previously surpressed is going to find it's way to the right people for political motives.

If it was me and someone was claiming incorrectly that I'd harmed my child, or disposed of her body, I would NEVER back down from going to court, even if it ruined me.

So how can they be trying to strike a deal?

My other thoughts are that if they HAVE to attend court, and they lose, does it not then give weight to mr Amarals theory, and if that is the case would the PJ not be forced to reopen the file and re-arrest the McCanns?

Maybe that's what they're frightened of, that something that comes out in court will necessitate their arrest and trial in Portugal?

by Dan from Other on 28-02-2013 09:16:00


... "Ask the McCanns" ?

The police tried that, and they didn't get very far did they ?

So I'll ask you instead. What possible reason could the McCanns have had for 'negotiating terms' with the man they claim is damaging the search for their missing child ?

If they really believe that is the truth, then it would be imperative to get this libel trial over and done with as soon as possible, wouldn't you agree ?

Why did the McCanns choose to delay it for at least another six months if they are convinced Amaral is endangering their daughter's life ?

Why would they do that ? ... why ?

by icabodcrane from UK on 27-02-2013 10:12:00

Your speculating why they wanted an out of court settlement there is nothing new in that it happens in hundreds of court cases.
I think its best you contact the McCanns and ask them the reason then report back.

by Troy from UK on 26-02-2013 10:11:00


This article states that it was the McCanns who wanted an out of court settlement ... so no 'speculation' there

Am I speculating as to what reason they might have had for backing out on the eve of the trial ? ... well yes I am

If the McCanns don't want speculation, then there is an easy remedy ... just come out and say what's gone down

Be open, honest and forthright ... tell the truth about this latest development, and 'hey presto' ... they put an end to the speculation they claim is so damaging

Not difficult, is it ?

Not a peep from them though

by icabodcrane from UK on 25-02-2013 10:38:00

icabodcrane;That`s just it,you do not know the reasons your assuming things just like some people are playing judge and jury and then deciding on who they `think` is guilty and who they `think`are telling lies .Pure speculation until what is found as `proof ` and acknowledged by a court of law and not of a ex-police man that was taken off the case.

by Troy from UK on 25-02-2013 01:12:00

This article states clearly that it was the McCanns who wanted to 'settle out of court' ... as they always have in the past ( and not a single word from their camp to the contrary )

Goncalo Amaral must have told them to go whistle ... good for him

The question is, though, why, when they took libel action in the first place ( and froze Snr Amaral's assets in the process ) would they now be trying desperately, at the 11th hour, to back out ?

Was it all a bluff ? ... did they think they could intimidate him with their expensive lawyers ? ... did they think that devasting him financially and professionally would do the trick without them ever having to set foot inside a court room ? ... did they think they could bully him into retreat before it came down to the wire ?

Got that wrong then, didn't they ?

by icabodcrane from UK on 24-02-2013 10:52:00

In reply to posters Cat and Troy

If Goncarlo Amaral is as blatently in the wrong, as you suggest ... why did the Mccanns try to 'cut a deal' at the last minute ?

Why, if they have him over a barrel ... which they MUST , if you are correct .... did they want to settle out of court ?

Why they didn't they just just go ahead with the libel trial and make him pay ? .... why did they offer him an 'out' ?

Why ?

by icabodcrane from UK on 24-02-2013 10:30:00

Dr Gaspar,`IF` he was that good at his job then he would have not have been taken off the case would he.`IF` there was so much evidence then why was the parents not charged.Funny how some people become Sherlock Holmes or even Dr Who.

by Troy from UK on 24-02-2013 08:29:00

Why would anyone believe anything Amaral says? Is it common to believe convicted perjurers?

The Portuguese Attorney General himself states - No Evidence of any crime being committed by the McCanns or Murat. Are you people saying he is stupid?

by cat from UK on 24-02-2013 08:23:00

the only thing despicable amaral knows is, lies, fraud, corruption, incompetence, smears, defamation, also gain fame and fortune at the expenses of innocents, also of course torture in the cipriano case. shame on you amaral.

by anonymous from UK on 24-02-2013 08:11:00

What reason could the McCanns have had to have sought an out of court settlement with Amaral at the very last minute ?

Why, when it came down to the wire, did they try to avoid the courtroom ?

by icabodcrane from UK on 24-02-2013 03:47:00

To use a Glasgow term... the McCanns are "at it"

No way that some mystery person disappeared their daughter... being from Glasgow myself as is Gerry McCann, I would "love" to support them... but there are way too many changes in both of your stories over time... when speaking the truth that does NOT happen... not when it's your daughter's life at stake.

Inconsistencies YES ok that does happen... but flat out contradictions, and many of them... NO CHANCE

They were smart enough to demonize the Portuguese police right from the start... and flee the country as soon as they became suspects.

If this was me and my wife, we would still be in Portugal in 2013 looking... suspect or not... my wife would NEVER have left... period... and neither would I... and especially after only a few months.

Cadaver dogs are clever... and DNA profiling is getting better every year... and luckily the Portuguese have the samples retained for future analysis...THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT... AND WILL SHOW NO ABDUCTION TOOK PLACE.

A much more likely story is that they sedated their daughter and accidentally killed her, and to save family, careers, and reputation they hid her then later put her in the sea never to be found, that is possibly why they were both bawling like babies at the feet of the police within 1 hour of her going missing... this is NOT normal reaction, NOT after 1 hour missing..., but if you have killed your child and already know the child is dead, it is a very NORMAL reaction.

Think about it, your not going to immediately think "shes been kidnapped and murdered" and bawling at the feet of police as soon as they arrive in around 1 hour... you would be worried sure... mabey after 24 hours you would be on your knees bawling in shock and fear... BUT NOT AFTER 1 HOUR especially when it's very possible she could have left the room and wandered off in the resort somewhere... in fact that would be most parents assumption in the first hour of a child going missing, it would be mine I know how kids are... my wife and I have a 4 y/o and a 6 y/o but we're not doctors and we don't sedate our children to gain peace and time, and my wife is not a professionally trained anesthetist doctor as Mrs McCann was at the time.

Someone in this situation, when reeling from the personal shock of the actual death, realizing the fear of consequences, such as their family life/careers destroyed... and many years in a Portuguese prison they really wouldn't have much choice... would they?

I think the McCanns know exactly what happened to their daughter, I also think they got very lucky, temporarily.

There's an old Scottish Glasgow saying, "it disney matter if ye didney mean it, it happened by your hand, and the piper must be paid".

Yours from Glasgow, UK

by Jasparticus from USA on 24-02-2013 01:13:00

McCanns = Money ...............Get out there and look fo your daughter ..............

by geoff from UK on 23-02-2013 08:12:00

Mel Lemon funny you should say that the records show that no-one died in that apartment, yet the ex police inspector himself wrote a book stating that Madeleine did in fact die there!!!

So whats it to be then, either someone did die there or someone did not??

by Sarah from UK on 23-02-2013 12:18:00

Una, the only one to say anything worth reading here.
IF the P.J. were so sure of their so called facts, then why are the McCanns walking the streets, freely?
IF the P.J. are so sure that this beautiful little girl died in that apartment, then they have not done their job properly and do not deserve the praise that they receive from their supporters.
IF they were so sure that she died, why did they allow the parents to return home to Britain?

Wake up and smell the coffee people, this ex cop and his team, were inadequate as police officers and did not know how to handle the disappearance of this child, but heyho this ex cop made a lot of money from it AND that is ok with you people!!!!
Iwish the McCann family the very best and hope the take him for plenty, after all he did make plenty from their grief.

by Sarah from UK on 23-02-2013 12:04:00

All the best to Dr. Amaral! May justice prevail finally.

by Cody from Other on 23-02-2013 11:06:00

Oh dear TROY wicked funny how the Mccann fans always couch their language in such medieval terms .

What is wicked is to make money attack those doing their job and then gag the press to hide a faked abduction.Yes that what the FACTS point to.

So UNA people know about the mccanns bad parenting skills but a lot of us know also about the faked abduction the lies the dogs ,thats why we are critical of the lying gagging mccanns

by Dr Gaspar from Other on 23-02-2013 10:53:00

Una Morgane, first off, I'm sorry to hear you've been through such a tragedy. I'm no stranger to major loss in life and it can be unbearable at times.

I do understand why you feel emotionally connected to this story, but if you read the official police files that are freely available online, you may just change your thoughts on the case. To turn this on it's head, what if the parents really were involved in some way but are doing all they can to 'save' themselves from prosecution? Some would see it as they're making a mockery of family tragedies like yours. We only have their word for it that there wasn't an accident, there's no evidence of an abduction but plenty to suggest there was a death in the holiday apt. According to records, nobody had ever died in in there. If you do nothing else, google 'Gaspar Statements' the family did all they could to stop them becoming public.

by Mel Lemon from Other on 23-02-2013 01:20:00

I wish GONCALO AMARAL, all the very best with the up and coming LIBEL TRIAL, This chief inspector have done all he can to TRY and solve the case of a DEAR LITTLE GIRL, without any cooperation from the PARENTS (MCCANN, MONEY have been the root to all the EVIL that have gone on in this SORDID CASE, CHILD ABUSE, FRAUD, AND POSSIBLE MURDER, The MCCANNS can say all they like they just want to shut UUSE HIS FINDINGS ARE TOO NEAR THE TRUTH, AS TO WHAT HAPPENED TO MADDIE,

by lana overton from UK on 22-02-2013 02:11:00

Goncalo Amaral and his team know what happened to Madeleine even before the dogs detected death scent and blood in the same spot The parents had top lawyers and fund in place within days..Also the Drs Gaspars and their statement should be investigated along with the Smith sightings which have been abandoned

by Peechie Ness from UK on 22-02-2013 12:12:00

Some ppl are blinkered. Taken from "madeleine" Kate McCann's own book:-

Assistant Chief Constable of Leicestershire police (regarding the McCann's) "While one or both of them may be innocent, there is no clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance".

LOL pain etched on their face! I saw them laughing days after Madeleine was "taken" and Gerry got caught laughing and gesticulating on the patio unaware of being filmed. Hideous creatures.

God bless you Goncalo Amaral.

by Jay Cee from USA on 22-02-2013 11:13:00

Until someone has been to court and found guilty of any crime,then any persons views are exactly that`Just Views`
What could be wicked is if a person has made money out of lies,we will have to wait for that out come,until then this is Just View.

by Troy from UK on 22-02-2013 09:56:00

I have lost a child under tragic and unexpected circumstances. I reacted in ways I never would have imagined. To not know what has actually happened to your own child must be the most unimaginable level of pain and grief that any parent could suffer. I see the pain etched on the faces of Kate and Gerry McCann and believe that they are totally innocent of having anything to do with their daughter's disappearance. Regardless of how foolish their child-care arrangements were, they don't deserve to be judged and have vitriolic comments posted about them. I see their reactions as perfectly 'normal'- perhaps because of the very fact that they don't fit how most people 'think' they'd react under such circumstances. Be grateful that you've never had to find out how you 'might' react! No one knows exactly what happened that night- other than the person or persons involved- and I think it's appalling that nasty comments about the McCanns are permitted to go on being published. I work with abused children, and many of them are from middle class families, where the abuse is emotional. Regardless of a child's demographic background, they all share a similar haunted look which is clear to me when i look in their eyes. All the photos and videos I've ever seen of Madeleine McCann show a child who was far from abused in any way. These parents adored this little girl, who was fully aware of that fact! The confidence of the love she receives beams out from her gorgeous, happy little face and it's simply disgraceful that anyone feels justified in demonising the McCanns in any way. I wish them all the best, and cannot even begin to imagine their pain.

by Una Morgane from Other on 22-02-2013 08:24:00

I wish Snr Amaral the best of good luck with the case. He has done nothing wrong. He can now expose the lies that this sordid couple have been putting out for 6 years and then Madeleine can get the justice she so rightly deserves. Throughout he has had her best interests at heart but the parents are focused on self preservation.

by Daniel Jones from UK on 22-02-2013 07:13:00

ahh ... so it was the McCanns who didn't want the libel case to reach court then ?

by icabodcrane from UK on 21-02-2013 11:01:00
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