World music continues to be the central focus of the MED Festival, in what will be its sixteenth edition. The festival will happen against the backdrop of the historical part of Loulé between the 27and 30th of June.

Fado, Indie, Classical Music, Alentejo Singing or Folklore will also be showcased at the event, with the ‘Bica’ stage giving an exclusive spotlight to Algarve-based artists.

Theatre and poetry will also grace the festival, with an eclectic range of artists stepping on stage. At the Matriz Church MED Classic will be the perfect scenery for classical music, while the MED Fado stage will attempt to recreate the typical Lisbon houses known to have harboured the genre.

Aside from the stages and scheduled acts, there will be an ongoing stream of interactions where street animations will foment interaction between visitors of and the entertainers populating every street and dead end of the historical part of town that hosts the iconic festival.