Medicine Authority denies breast cancer drug to younger women

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Medical oncologist Fátima Cardoso regrets that Infarmed, the Medicines Authority only authorises post- menopausal women to use a drug that increases survival in patients with advanced breast cancer, leaving out younger women.

"Infarmed is accelerating the death of young patients with advanced breast cancer," said Fátima Cardoso, who launched the international institution Global Alliance for Advanced Breast Cancer.

At the International Congress on Advanced Breast Cancer, Fátima Cardoso foresees that one of the recommendations will be to make the new class of drugs available to all patients with the subtype of hormone-dependent cancer, whether pre or post-menopausal women also for men.

The expert explains that this new class of drugs can increase the survival of patients with advanced cancer by one year, in a disease in which the average survival rate is three.

Worldwide estimates indicate that there are more than 1.7 million new cases of breast cancer worldwide every year, with 5-10% of cases already advanced or spread to other parts of the body.

Fatima Cardoso also argues that cancer registries in countries should now include records of relapses and advanced cancers, to find out how many patients there are, what their characteristics are and to help set priorities.

At the Congress, which runs until Saturday, the European Society of Oncology and the Global Alliance for Advanced Breast Cancer will award the 2019 Advanced Breast Cancer Award to Fátima Cardoso, director of the Breast Unit of the Champalimaud Clinical Centre, in recognition of her ability to foresee "the importance of advanced breast cancer".


Isn't government run socialized health care wonderful?
Unelected bureaucrats choosing who lives and who dies.
This is what a nation gets when socialists are elected.

By Marc J Moniz from USA on 24-11-2019 10:07
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