Migrant minors move from Greece to Portugal

in News · 08-07-2020 11:05:00 · 4 Comments

A group of 25 unaccompanied migrant minors were flown Tuesday to Portugal under an EU plan to relocate 1,600 now living precariously in Greece, a deputy minister said

The programme, dubbed “No Child Alone”, is trying to find solutions for around 5,200 minors, most of whom who live in unsanitary conditions in refugee camps, or in housing that is not suitable for them.

Officials said Portugal will eventually host a total of 500 unaccompanied minors.


Life is like a garden. You cut the sick parts out to make it flourish. If you don't it will all die and new life can only grow again once a fire has burned everything down. That is how it is for humanity as well. When civilization gets too well off it forgets the knife that cuts and sets the stage for a far greater evil that is beckoned in with praises of goodness and pacifism... of helping everyone in need instead of keeping weakness at bay.

By Kari Lehto from Other on 09-07-2020 06:06

Yes, Portugal is setting an example in humanity.
Michel should take one of these "delinquents" in and give them a better life.....

By William from Other on 09-07-2020 10:53

So, little Portugal, on its own is going to host 500 unaccompanied minors dislocated from their families. This country is a wonder. When so many are shirking their EU solidarity and simple humanity, Portugal sets a shining example to the world.

By Jude Irwin from Beiras on 09-07-2020 08:55

Vous êtes fous de faire cela....regardez un peu dans le futur ce que cela va donner...vols, délinquances etc...regardez ce que la France, la Belgique sont devenus...

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 09-07-2020 08:28
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