Under the concept “A Library within the reach of all”, this initiative is an educational and cultural project, with a simple but differentiating concept that aims, in a democratic and decentralised way, to make books and literature accessible to the entire population.
“Take it, read it and return it” is the motto underlying this project, which is freely accessible, without the presence of employees, nor return deadlines, because the system is based on trust and citizenship.
In these Mini Libraries, readers will be able to find books of different styles and themes, mostly fiction, aimed at adults, children and young people, in Portuguese and foreign languages.
Promoting free and spontaneous reading, increasing literacy rates, strengthening community ties and exercising citizenship through the use of a totally unexpected space, are the main objectives of this initiative.
The mini libraries are located in Armação de Pêra near the tourist office, in Pêra next to the Parish Council, in Alcantarilha near the Parish Council, in Tunes next to the Parish Council and in Portela near Escola EB1.