“What we want to emphasise is that we are prepared to face the safe return of our children and young adults to school, and we were also better prepared than six months ago”, said Marta Temido.

The minister, who was speaking on the sidelines of the meeting on the evolution of Covid-19 in Portugal, which brought together experts, politicians and social partners in Porto, also said that this will be possible because the country has “more means, experience and knowledge” although the context is “naturally demanding”.

“We have more testing capacity, more intensive care capacity, teams in public health that are better prepared for these responses located at work with all the actors”, underlined Marta Temido.

After a meeting that, according to the minister, “allowed to take stock of the evolution of the disease in Portugal”, Marta Temido also stressed that the fight against Covid-19 is “a process that will have the ability to incorporate what our learning is.”