The inauguration ceremony was attended by Vicente Huertas Pardo, Minsait’s executive president in Portugal, Carla Tavares, Mayor of Amadora, and Luís Lopes, member of the Amadora Inovation municipal company.

“The new technological development centre is starting with 135 professionals and foresees important growth over the coming years, with the creation of a team to develop solutions and services to support projects of European clients of Minsait”, says the company.

Minsait will also sign a cooperation agreement with the Amadora municipality “for the creation of an incubator of ideas and startups of Amadora Inovation in a space of ‘co-innovation’ created by technology.

“After the selection process, the startups will be able to work with Onesait Platform Community, a global community of programmers, recently launched by the company and based on the Onesait Platform”, says the company.

“Amadora has excellent infrastructures and, in addition, has very structured plans to support the growth of new technological and digital businesses, promoting qualified employment”.

The protocol also foresees “the collaboration between Minsait and the Municipality of Amadora regarding support in seminars, workshops and public initiatives promoted by Amadora Inovation or by Minsait”, which “includes an exchange of knowledge and talents with academic institutions and support and mentoring for the development of projects installed and incubated in Amadora Inovation”.

“Minsait has an ambitious growth plan for Portugal. We want to leverage local talent, as a result of the excellent training that programmers have in this country, whether from universities or polytechnics, to export software services and products to Minsait’s major clients in Europe”, said Vicente Huertas Pardo.