Specialist builders in light steel frame (LSF) since 2002, in recent years the company has extended its scope of works to include general build and modernising projects.

General Manager, Alex Abram, comments: ‘The Modernbuild team offers experience and skill-sets across a spectrum of construction services, from sustainable homes in light steel frame or timber, general building and renovations, pool construction etc.’

The company project-manages all other associated works, using tried-and-trusted suppliers, to offer a complete ‘turnkey’ package, including kitchens & bathrooms, fixtures & finishes, plumbing & electrical, as well as energy-efficient home heating & cooling systems.

But it is Modernbuild’s core expertise in LSF construction that is nowadays chiming with the times. With the increased awareness of energy and environmental issues, there is growing demand for homes that combine contemporary comforts with maximum efficiencies.

Alex Abram adds: “An appreciation of the benefits of LSF homes were slower to take hold in the Algarve’s more conservative market, but in recent years we’ve been experiencing a significant rise in demand. Architects too are increasingly interested in the advantages that LSF construction offers, not only in terms of build, insulation and energy-efficiency but also greater design flexibility.”

In these changing times, Modernbuild is ready to meet the demands of the future – with constructive solutions!

Tel: 289 149 476
Email: info@modernbuild.eu
Website: www.modernbuild.eu