According to consumer association, Deco/Dinheiro&Direitos, for a loan of €150,000 over 30 years, indexed to the six-month Euribor, with a spread (margin of profit of the bank) of 1 percent, from this month of October will pay €455.79, which is €10.99 less compared to the last revision of instalments in April.

For a loan on the same terms, but indexed to the three-month Euribor, customers will pay €454.20, in this case €5.93 less than July.

The Euribor rates are the main indexing in Portugal in banking contracts that finance the purchase of homes. The six-month Euribor rate is the most used, followed by the three-month rate.

Interest rates remain in negative ground. In September, the average Euribor six-month rate was -0.394 percent, a new historical low, and the average rate for three months of -0.418 percent.