Kikas (27), started the penultimate race of the year of the qualifying circuit in sixth place in the ranking, with 17,450 points, and with the arrival to this stage of the Hawaiian race won at least 4,000.

Next year, the surfers who finish the season among the top ten in the qualification ranking will be on the world circuit.

In Hawaiian Pro, the Portuguese qualified for the ‘quarters’ by winning the seventh ‘heat’ of the fourth round, with 16 points (7.23 and 8.77), against 15 from Brazilian Alejo Muniz, 13.9 from Australian Ryan Callinan and 10.5 from American Nat Young.

“I am very excited to have already reached 20,000 points, it is already very good, but I do not want to celebrate until it is official. There is still work to be done and this competition is ongoing, I would like to compete in the triple crown, as I did in 2016”, ‘Kikas’ said.

Frederico Morais will return in 2020 to the world surfing circuit, where he competed in 2017 and 2018, when he finished in 14th and 23rd places respectively, after being third in the world in qualifying in 2016.

This year, as a substitute for the ‘elite’, he has already competed in six championships, with the best result being the semi-finals at the Oi Rio Pro, and will line up at the Billabong Pipe Masters. In the qualifying circuit, he won the Pro Santa Cruz and the Azores Airlines Pro.

In addition, he won a spot for Portugal at the Tokyo2020 Olympic Games, having been the best European at the World Championships.